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Ready Pantry Drinking Water, Emergency Water Supply, 30-Year Shelf Life, Canned Water, Zero Plastic, 12 oz. cans

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With a 30-year shelf life, Ready Pantry's eQuenchal offers the assurance of enjoying a refreshing beverage today or having a reliable water supply for any unforeseen emergency or survival scenario. The significance of Ready Pantry's eQuenchal lies in the fact that while humans can endure without food for several weeks, the necessity for clean drinking water becomes critical within three days. This reality makes water storage a vital investment.

In emergency situations, supermarkets swiftly run out of water, complicating preparedness efforts. Moreover, reaching supermarkets can become impossible during certain emergencies. To guarantee your family's access to essential water, it is advisable to stock up on Ready Pantry's eQuenchal before alternative options become scarce.

The durability of Ready Pantry's eQuenchal for up to 30 years is ensured through a meticulous purification process by Ready Pantry. Beginning with municipal water, it undergoes eight stages of purification, including sand filtration, charcoal filtration, 5-micron filtration, reverse osmosis stages one and two, 0.3-micron filtration, ultra-violet treatment, and ozone sterilization. The resulting purified water is then sealed in BPA-free lined aluminum cans. Laboratory tests on 45-year-old water confirm its safety for consumption.

For optimal preparedness, experts recommend a minimum of one gallon of water per person per day. This includes two quarts for drinking, one quart for cooking, and one quart for hygiene. For instance, a family of four would require approximately 12 gallons of water, equivalent to 5.5 cases, to endure a 72-hour emergency. In the case of a week-long emergency, the same family would need around 12.5 cases of water. Additionally, it's important to account for the hydration needs of pets.


  • Case of 24, 12-ounce cans
  • Crisp, clean, and fresh-tasting emergency drinking water
  • Stock up for shelter-in-place and evacuation emergencies
  • Purified using an eight-stage purification process
  • 30-year shelf life (based on optimal storage conditions)
  • Easy to prepare meals


Our food supplies are safely packaged, and delivered to your door in weather proof, water proof, container. No need to buy extra storage. We ship out orders every Tuesday so you're able to get your products within a week of ordering.


    Our food lasts up to 25 years and can be stored in temperatures near 80 degrees. While we recommend finding a dark cool place, you can know that your Ready Pantry food supplies are already sealed for freshness, and shipped already in a water-proof container.

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